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AINGR: Switching Systems

Document Number GR-1298
Issue Number 10
Issue Date Nov 2004
Replaces TR-NWT-001284 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: Issue 10 of GR-1298, AINGR: Switching Systems, replaces Issue 9.

    This document provides the generic requirements needed to implement the Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) technology in a public
    telephone network, specifically in the switching system.

    GR-1298 represents the Telcordia view of the requirements needed for an AIN switching system. A Service Switching Point (SSP) is a
    switch with the capability to query external service logic or databases to continue processing a call or continue offering a service to
    an end user.

    AIN provides the ability for service providers to create services for customers and to generate revenue. The requirements in GR-1298
    allow a service provider to build AIN into a switch or interwork effectively with an AIN switch. For a supplier, GR-1298 contains the
    time-tested requirements accepted as the only AIN requirements in the industry.

    Key changes in Issue 10 include:
    • Requirements that allow for overflow to switch-based carrier selection when the last Trunk Group provided by the SCP encounters

    • A requirement that allows operator access calls to be routed using a TrunkGroup parameter instead of only a Carrier parameter.

    • Clarification to indicate that when a SDS trigger is encountered, the response, in general, should contain the
      ChargePartyStationType and the Charge Number parameters.
    • A requirement was modified to allow the O_No_Anser trigger to be encountered after the IN/1 routing feature when a toll-free call
      is made.

    GR-1298 replaced TA-NWT-001125, TA-NWT-001298 and TR-NWT-001284.

    When using GR-1298, you may want to refer to GR-815, GR-1129, GR-1299, GR-30, GR-199, GR-215, GR-217,
    GR-218, GR-219, GR-220, GR-227, GR-268, GR-317, GR-385, GR-391, GR-394, TR-NWT-000444,
    GR-478, GR-505, GR-508, GR-511, GR-529, GR-533, GR-567, GR-570, GR-571, GR-572, GR-575,
    GR-580, GR-586, GR-610, GR-690, TR-740, GR-831 , GR-833, TR-TSY-000857, GR-858, TR-TSY-000861,
    GR-862, TR-NWT-000864, TR-NWT-000865, GR-866, GR-972, TA-TSY-001034, GR-1083, GR-1100, GR-1245,
    GR-1310, GR-1343, GR-1364, GR-1401, GR-1436, GR-1512, GR-1520, GR-2801, GR-2822, GR-2932,
    GR-2956, and/or ATIS Technical Requirements No. 2.

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