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Generic Requirements for Initial Frame Relay PVC Exchange Access Operations Management (XA-OM) Service

Document Number GR-1430
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Oct 1994
Replaces TA-NWT-001430 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: Issue 1 of GR-1430, Generic Requirements for Initial Frame Relay PVC Exchange Access Operations Management (XA-OM) Service,
    presents the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements for Frame Relay Permanent Virtual Connection (PVC) Exchange Access
    Operations Management (XA-OM) service. An XA-OM service is a set of network management capabilities provided by a Local Exchange
    Carrier (LEC) to an Interexchange Carrier (IC). These capabilities are intended to enable an IC to directly manage aspects of its
    exchange access service. Exchange access service is provided by a LEC to an IC in support of the IC's inter-Local Access and Transport
    Area (LATA) service offering.

    This document refers to Frame Relay PVC XA-OM as the ability of a LEC to provide an IC with capabilities to manage its Exchange
    Access Frame Relay service. Frame Relay is a frame-mode data service that allows for the transfer of variable length frames across a
    wide area providing LATA-wide, interLATA, and international connectivity. Frames are relayed from the source to the desired destination
    by means of virtual connections. In PVC service, virtual connections are established through administrative procedures at service
    subscription time.

    GR-1430 replaced TA-NWT-001430.

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