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Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber Fanouts

Document Number GR-2866
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Oct 2007

    ABSTRACT: Optical fiber fanouts provide an efficient connect/disconnect capability for joining optical fibers. They are used primarily in Central
    Offices (COs), at installations on customer premises, and in some Outside Plant (OSP) applications within a suitable closure. Typical
    usage includes connecting equipment to the telecommunications plant, optical cross-connect points, and connecting optical test
    equipment to the plant.

    GR-2866, Issue 2 contains proposed generic criteria and characteristics required of optical fanouts used in the CO and OSP portions
    of interoffice, subscriber loop, and distribution networks.

    The Value of GR-2866:
    • Includes generic functional design criteria; generic mechanical, environmental, and optical performance requirements; and
      desired fanout features

    • Contains test methods for comparing the product features and performance against the stated criteria

    • Includes new developments in fiber fanout technology over the last decade

    • Applies to singlemode optical devices in today's networks

    What's New in Issue 2?
    • The scope has been broadened to include other types of fanouts besides the ribbon fanouts that were discussed in Issue 1

    • Fiber media type definitions have been expanded to better cover the variety of potential media characteristics (e.g., reinforced,
      unreinforced, fiber-coupled, and fiber-uncoupled)

    • Mechanical test load applications have been redefined to align the appropriate stresses with the expanded media type

    • Features the more user-friendly format of pulling the criteria and test methods together for easy referencing

    • Revised optical performance metrics based on industry input to align with current products on the market

    • Fire-resistance criteria have been aligned with recent changes in national standards and in Telcordia GR-63, NEBS
      Requirements: Physical Protection

    Issue 2 of GR-2866, Generic Requirements for Optical Fiber Fanouts, replaces Issue 1.

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