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Generic Requirements for Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs)

Document Number GR-3125
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Dec 2016
Replaces GR-3123-CORE Issue01

    GR-3125 outlines the Telcordia-NIS view of proposed generic requirements for Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs). The stated requirements
    are intended to provide a suitable environment for telecommunications companies┐ FDHs used in outside plant (outdoor or below-grade) or
    indoor environments.

    Any equipment housed in an FDH is accessible to the craftsperson through surface-mounted or removable doors. An FDH is normally
    installed as a connection and demarcation point from different feeder networks, or between a feeder network and the distribution
    network. These FDHs are passive and do not contain active electronics or fiber optics.

    For indoor environments, an FDH can be installed on a customer premise in a basement or ┐telephone room┐ or in a service provider
    Controlled Environmental Vault (CEV).

    Indoor FDH products were previously covered in GR-3123-CORE, Generic Requirements for Indoor Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs),
    and below-ground FDH products were previously covered in GR-3121-CORE, Generic Requirements for Below-Grade Fiber Distribution Hubs
    . The requirements in those GRs have now been incorporated into this GR-3125, and GR-3121 and GR-3123 have been cancelled.

    GR-3125, Issue 2, was developed to include updated FDH requirements from the following documents:
    • GR-487, Generic Requirements for Electronic Equipment Cabinets, Issue 5, March 2016

    • GR-771-CORE, Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Splice Closures, Issue 2, July 2008

    • GR-449-CORE, Generic Requirements and Design Considerations for Fiber Distributing Frames, Issue 3, March 2012.

    This document is intended for the use of manufacturers and end users of outdoor, indoor, and below-grade FDHs.

    When using GR-3125, you may want to refer to GR-449, GR-487, and GR-771.

    GR-3125-CORE, Issue 2, replaces GR-3125-CORE, Issue 1; GR-3121-CORE, Issue 1; and GR-3123-CORE, Issue 1.
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