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COMMON LANGUAGE(R) Equipment Codes (CLEI (TM) Codes) - Generic Requirements for Product Labels

Document Number GR-383
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Feb 2006
Replaces TR-STS-000383 Issue05

    ABSTRACT: Issue 3 of GR-383-CORE, COMMON LANGUAGE Equipment Codes (CLEI Codes) - Generic Requirements for Product Labels, replaces Issue

    This document provides suppliers of telecommunications equipment and suppliers of product labels with proposed engineering generic
    requirements for pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed labels that are applied to telecommunications equipment, as specified in
    GR-485-CORE, that have been assigned CLEI codes. These labels contain machine-readable, encoded data and a human-readable,
    alphanumeric CLEI code on the face. The labels are intended for use in identifying and inventorying plug-in units and other
    telecommunication equipment while in service or in stored areas either in indoor environments or in outdoor environments in an
    enclosure, not subject to prolonged exposure to extreme temperature or humidity conditions.

    Issue 3 of GR-383-CORE reflects the following content changes:
    • Revision of 2D Implementation Date

    • Using a MicroPDF417 symbol with a Data Matrix symbol

    • Label information content priority - add subsequent revisions of ATIS BCSC Serialization Guideline

    • Add an example of a 2D and Code 39 linear bar code combined label

    • Add warning that TLC39 cannot encode an alphanumeric ECI

    • Elimination of UCC/EAN-128 (Type P) label

    • Revise TCIF document references to new ATIS document numbers

    • Address whether a Repair Vendor is required to re-label a Plug-in with a 2D symbol when the repair occurs on or after October 1,

    • Rename document title to remove "Bar Code"

    • Rename TCIF Linked Code 39 to "TLC39"

    • Update references in Appendix F to reflect current documents, addresses, contact information and web sites

    • Eliminate the contents on Section 1.3 and replace with current changes list

    • Update and correct addresses in Appendix D

    • Change print quality aperture for 2D MicroPDF417 symbols from 05 to 03

    • Change print quality ISO/IEC standard reference for 2D symbols

    • Update references in additional sections on print quality and verification

    • Update opacity requirement and add gloss requirement

    • Update referenced ESD standard

    • Add/update Standards Organizations in Appendix D and reference Global Engineering Documents

    • Add information on direct part making

    • Cross reference ANS MH10.8.7 vs. EIA-802 in Section 4.12 for testing method reference

    GR-383 replaced TR-STS-000383 and MDP-500-337.

    When using GR-383-CORE, you may want to refer to GR-485, and GR-1421.

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