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DTMF Digit Simulation Immunity Requirements

Document Number GR-763
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Mar 2006
Replaces TR-TSY-000763 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TR-TSY-000763.

    For over 20 years, the Telcordia DTMF Digit Simulation Test Stimulus (TR/GR-763) has been the industry-accepted tool to objectively
    measure and evaluate the digit simulation immunity performance of DTMF receivers. This tool accelerates equipment development and
    testing by condensing the equivalent of 100 hours of test stimulus to about 3 hours. Moreover, it is the only digit simulation test
    stimulus for which the performance requirements have been correlated with actual field data.

    The Telcordia DTMF Digit Simulation Test Stimulus has been broadly used by suppliers of network equipment, end user equipment,
    integrated circuits manufacturers, and digital signal processing algorithm developers. It continues to be the basis by which domestic
    and international service providers define their network equipment performance needs for digit simulation immunity.

    GR-763-CORE describes the test procedures and performance requirements for DTMF receiver digit simulation immunity for various
    applications, including traditional telecommunication systems, private branch exchanges, next generation network equipment, end-user
    systems, and terminal equipment. It describes how to use <DTMF Digit Simulation Test Stimulus, to measure the digit
    simulation immunity of DTMF receivers to speech. Specifically, it describes how to calibrate the playback environment, set the speech
    levels for individual DTMF receiver applications, perform the test, and compare the test results against the performance requirements
    and objectives.

    GR-763-CORE has been reissued to address use of the DTMF Digit Simulation Test Stimulus for many new applications, including:
    • Next generation Network Equipment

    • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Resource Functions

    • Network-based Service Platforms

    • IP-PBX/PBX Systems

    • Unified/Voice Messaging Systems

    • Interactive Voice Response Systems

    • VoIP Terminals and Terminal Adapters

    • Integrated Access Devices and Residential Gateways

    • Customer Premises Equipment

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