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CABS (Carrier Access Billing System) Billing Outputs Specifications - Volume 3, Billing Data Tape

Document Number SR-1872
Issue Number 27
Issue Date Feb 2017

    ABSTRACT: Volume 3 of the CABS BOS is the fourth of a six volume set. It contains the Billing Data Tape (BDT) records, the mechanized equivalent
    of the bill and CSR print images. Each record is displayed with all pertinent data, including element name, record positions, field
    length and characteristics. A narrative text, along with guides for certain records are also included.
    Note that the data elements appearing on the BDT records are defined within SR-1874 (CABS BOS Volume 4). This issue contains all
    revisions for the BDT up to and including Version 57, which becomes effective September 2017.
    The edit to this volumes is in Section 6.20, CSR Service and Features Subtotals to include the Local Subtotal field listed in record
    40-15-25 in the second paragraph of Section 6.20.

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