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ISCP-IP (Intelligent Peripheral) Interface Specification

Document Number SR-3511
Issue Number 05
Issue Date Dec 2003

    SR-3511 provides application level interface specifications to control the message exchange between the ISCP and an Intelligent
    Peripheral (IP). Functionally, the interface allows the ISCP to interact with the Intelligent Peripheral in such a way that the ISCP is
    able to provide information to guide Intelligent Peripheral actions, and to gather information from the Intelligent Peripheral.

    This SR describes the following details of the interface:

    -- The Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) message transport connection between the ISCP System and the
    Intelligent Peripheral.

    -- The TCAP message interface between the ISCP System and the Intelligent Peripheral. The messages described were originally based
    on GR-1129, AINGR: Switch-Intelligent Peripheral Interface (IPI). One of the protocol messages is taken from TR-TSY-000402,
    Additional Service Switching Point and Related End Office Capabilities (including Private Virtual Network Services).

    -- The FlexParameterBlock in the AIN 0.2 Send_To_Resource message destined for an Intelligent Peripheral may be encoded using this
    specification. The AIN 0.2 Send_To_Resource message follows the protocol specified in GR-1129-CORE.

    This document (Issue 5) is being published to clarify that the TCP/IP Short Header Format (SHF) is no longer supported. The TCP/IP
    Extended Header Format (EHF) and Extended Header Format version 5.0 (EHF5) continue to be supported. (Note: The correlation between
    ISCP releases and the SR-3511 issues are: ISCP R5.0, R6.0 - Issue 2; ISCP R7.0 - Issue 3; ISCP R8.0 - Issue 3, Revision 1; ISCP R9.0 -
    Issues 4 and 5.)

    Telcordia reserves the right to revise this document if, in its opinion, such a revision is necessary. This document does not
    replace the previous issue.

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