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NEBS Criteria Levels

Document Number SR-3580
Issue Number 05
Issue Date May 2012

    ABSTRACT: Equipment deployed in the network needs to be safe, reliable, and easy to deploy. The NEBS standards in GR-63 and GR-1089 provide
    uniform criteria for equipment design intended to reduce the cost of deployment and maintain reliability of the network.

    SR-3580 groups the NEBS criteria into three functional levels (I, II, or III). Grouping the criteria into levels helps clarify the
    impact of non-conformance and allows the broad range of NEBS requirements to be judiciously applied to equipment, based on the
    equipment's application and impact on the operation of the network.

    SR-3580, Issue 5:
    • Reflects the numerous changes made in the latest issue of GR-63

    • The criteria levels are grouped to ensure they are applicable with current applications of network equipment

    • Addresses the appropriate criteria for collocation as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is particularly
      beneficial to service providers.

    • Testing to a level (I, II or III) of environmental requirements will expedite deployments, without compromising the integrity of
      the base network

    • The criteria levels are particularly beneficial to emerging technologies, where rapid deployment is necessary to maintain
      competitive efficiencies.

    Issue 5 of SR-3580, NEBS Criteria Levels, replaces Issue 4, and is a module of FD-NEBS-01.

    When using SR-3580, you may want to refer to GR-63, GR-1089, GR-974, and SR-3858.

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