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Telcordia ISCP SNMP Alarm Management Interface Specification

Document Number SR-5196
Issue Number 03
Issue Date Oct 2004

    ABSTRACT: Issue 3 of SR-5196, Telcordia ISCP SNMP Alarm Management Interface Specification, replaces Issue 2.

    This document describes the Telcordia defined Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB) that
    provides the capability to interface an external SNMP management client to the ISCP SNMP Alarm Management Interface (SAMI). This
    interface allows external monitoring of an ISCP component, alarm subsystem, enabling listening SNMP management clients to
    receive ISCP generated alarm assertion, clearance and release notifications. In addition, the client is able to control the
    associated component's alarm subsystem by executing clearance, release, inhibit and uninhibit commands to that ISCP component.

    This intention of this document is to provide application developers wishing to extend a management client with a programmatic
    interface to allow a flexible and usable interface to SAMI with the knowledge to do so. When describing the SAMI MIB each variable and
    notification is explained, along with the rationale for its existence, its intended use and any subtleties that may exist regarding its
    use within the context of the ISCP.

    Issue 3 of SR-5196 reflects the changes made to the TELCORDIA-ISCP-ALARM MIB Management Information Base in ISCP Version 11.0. These
    changes facilitate support of a wider range of SNMP agents and (SMUX) subagent implementations, some of which force notification OIDs
    to be the immediate leaf of the subagent OID.

    The most significant changes are the elimination of telcordiaISCPAlarm MIBNotificationsPrefix and placement of
    telcordiaISCPAlarmMIBNotifications and its leaves directly under iscpAlarmMIB branch of the Management Information Base.

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