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ISCP Generic Data Interface Specification for TCP/IP

Document Number SR-5202
Issue Number 05
Issue Date Oct 2005

    ABSTRACT: SR-5202, ISCP Generic Data Interface Specification for TCP/IP, describes the ISCP Generic Data Interface (GDI) TCP/IP
    specification that provides the capability to send/receive transactions to/from external systems over TCP/IP using TCAP messages [Q.773
    Encoding.] The GDI is a service-independent interface specification that allows the ISCP and an external system to define the data to
    be exchanged for distinct services. This specification is limited to the generic query, update, and application invocation;
    functionally to support the use of GDI messages by a particular service will need to be provided as part of the service definition

    Issue 5 of this specification is supported by ISCP Release 11.1.2 and later versions. Issue 4 of this document requires ISCP 10.0
    and later versions. Issue 3 of this document (December 2003 is applicable to ISCP 10.0 only. Issue 2 of this document (November 2002)
    is applicable to ISCP 6.1 through 9.1, with the exception of support for the Continue message type for InvokeApp operations, which was
    introduced in ISCP 8.1.

    Issue 5 of SR-5202 modifies the TCP/IP connectivity capabilities of the interface. In particular, the number of hosts that may be
    defined in a single GDI external system has been increased. Previously, the number of hosts in the GDI external system was limited to
    3. Advanced computing architectures require this limit to be increased. Issue 5 removes this limit from the specification and allows
    for an unstipulated number of hosts in a single GDI external system. Although there is no longer a specific limit imposed in the
    interface specification, specific implementations of the interface by the ISCP or by a GDI external system may impose appropriate

    Telcordia reserves the right to revise this document if, in its opinion, such a revision is necessary. This document does not
    replace previous issues, which are still considered active. To order Issue 2, 3, and 4, of this document, please call Customer Service
    on 1.844.251.0201.

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