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Code Assignment Guidelines Interexchange Access Customer (IAC) / Exchange Carrier Code (EC) Codes

Document Number SR-5262
Issue Number 10
Issue Date Jan 2017

    ABSTRACT: This document summarizes the assignment procedures that Common Language uses in assigning IAC and EC codes. Common Language is the
    maintenance agent for assignment of IAC and EC codes. In assigning these codes, Common Language follows assignment procedures that have
    been the subject of industry comment and input, and that are analogous to assignment procedures that have been utilized for assignment
    of telephone numbering resources subject to regulatory oversight.
    These codes are specified in the ATIS-0300251, Codes for Identification of Service Providers for Information Exchange. ATIS is the
    Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions and represents the American National Standard for Telecommunications. ATIS-0300251
    replaces the ANSI T1.251, Identification of Telecommunications Service Providers Codes for the North American Telecommunication System.
    ANSI is the American National Standards Institute. This standard provides the specifications and characteristics of codes used to
    represent telecommunications service providers operating in North America. Its intended use is to provide a telecommunications standard
    that facilitates information interchange among humans and machines. The standard specifies three code structures: Exchange Carrier (EC)
    Code, IAC Code and Company Code. Telcordia Technologies is the maintenance agent for the IAC and EC codes.
    This document contains NO TECHNICAL CHANGES from the previous issue. It has been re-issued to include rebranding and has a new issue
    number and date.


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