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Transport Reliability Analysis Generic Guidelines (TRAGG)

Document Number SR-NWT-001907
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Oct 1991

    ABSTRACT: Special Report (SR) describes generic guidelines and procedures used by Telcordia when performing a reliability analysis of a transport
    product. It describes two approaches to performing the analysis, both aimed at providing more timely information.

    The first and preferred approach, called the Standard Analysis, is a two-phased approach consisting of a Design Reliability phase
    and a Production Reliability phase. Both phases involve an in-depth analysis, but by conducting the Design phase at an early stage,
    equipment suppliers receive timely feedback on their products and have the opportunity to "correct" potential reliability problems.

    The Standard Analysis is typically used for the analysis of fiber optic systems and other major network equipment where in-depth
    information about system availability and new technology components is essential. The Standard Analysis is not always appropriate or
    effective for every product type. In those instances, a second approach, called the Alternative Analysis, can be conducted when
    products are already in production.

    The Alternate Analysis approach is typically used on smaller or less complex families of transport equipment where a quick,
    streamlined assessment of the product reliability is sought as a coarse screen in a product selection process or as a low-cost method
    of investigating multiple suppliers.

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