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CPE Compatibility Considerations for the Voiceband Data Transmission Interface

Document Number SR-TSV-002476
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1992
Replaces SR-NWT-002024 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This Special Report (SR) provides Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) compatibility considerations for the Voiceband Data Transmission
    Interface. The document describes the compatibility considerations for CPE to operate with the voiceband data transmission interface
    used to transmit asynchronous data to CPE from its serving Stored Program Control switching System(SPCS). The document provides
    guidelines for error treatment, signal generation, and signal detection. It also recommends a few design considerations for the CPE,
    and a test plan for detection of the CPE Alerting Signal (defined in the document) is given in the appendices.

    Bulletin 1 serves to inform the industry that Telcordia rescinds the earlier recommendation for Caller ID Customer Premises
    Equipment (CPE) to provide an AC termination and to explain the reasons behind this decision.

    This document replaces SR-NWT-002024.

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