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Generic Requirements for Cable Shield Bonding Clamps

Document Number TR-NWT-001001
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Nov 1993

    ABSTRACT: A cable shield bonding clamp consists of a shield bonding device and, when applicable, a bonding and grounding strap. The bonding
    clamps can be the axial or coaxial design and either a clamping or clipping type.

    Cable shield bonding clamps have two functions:
    1) when used in pairs or multiple applications, they restore shield continuity to cable sheaths that have been cut primarily to
    accommodate splices
    2) to connect the cable shield to ground through ground rods, messenger wires, pedestal housing, or splice closures.

    This Technical Reference (TR) provides generic requirements for cable shield bonding clamps. It provides criteria for analyzing
    cable shield bonding clamps intended for use in joining metallic cable shields of metallic and optical cable designs and performance
    tests for comparing the product against those stated requirements and objectives.

    This document replaces TR-TSY-001001.

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