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Telcordia has renowned expertise in software and services that stems from more than 25 years of communications leadership.
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Many of our information products on telecommunications equipment, systems, and services are developed with industry participation, which leads them to be timely, high-quality, vendor-neutral technical specifications.

Check out these highlights from our New Releases/Top Picks:

New GR! Requirements for electrical protection systems used in wireless FTTA applications
GR-3177, Issue 1, Generic Requirements for Remote Radio Head Protection Used in Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) Systems

Updated GR - NiMH battery requirements for reliable backup power in a network environment
GR-3168, Issue 2, Generic Requirements for Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Systems for Telecommunications Use

New issue - Performance and safety issues for NiCd batteries in the Outside Plant
GR-3020, Issue 2, Generic Requirements for Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries in the Outside Plant (OSP)

Just updated - Requirements to increase the safety and performance of vented lead-acid batteries
GR-232, Issue 2, Generic Requirements for Vented Lead-Acid Batteries

Perfect Together! SR-332 and the ARPP software tool in one convenient set
FD-ARPP-01, Issue 1, Automated Reliability Prediction Procedure

New GR! Criteria for hybrid optical and electrical cables used in wireless outdoor FTTA applications
GR-3173, Issue 1, Generic Requirements for Hybrid Optical and Electrical Cables for Use in Wireless Outdoor Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) Applications

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