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Telcordia offers two types of document licensing agreements designed to fit your business needs and covering the complete collection of Telcordia documents, a select group, or just one document.

  • Enterprise License (standard Enterprise Break Seal Agreement)
  • Covers select technical documents including Generic Requirements, Special Reports, Technical References, Technical Advisories, Family of Requirements, and Family of Documents. The Enterprise License grants the licensee a nontransferable license for the purchased document(s). Documents are to be used by licensee employees for internal business purposes only.

    With an Enterprise License:

    • Documents are delivered in PDF format and can be placed on the licensee's company-wide server or corporate intranet accessible to licensee employees
    • You don't have to buy multiple single licenses to provide the document(s) to different groups and/or business units within your organization
    • Legitimate license implementation is encouraged
    • You are entitled to the current document issue. Re-issued documents will be made available at a discounted rate
    • More info: Enterprise License FAQs; Enterprise License Agreement
  • AXESS Point Service License (formally executed contract between Telcordia and Licensee; minimum purchase required)
  • Comprises a custom collection of Telcordia documents developed to fit your technical needs and priorities and available online through AXESS Point Service, an information management system for delivering, storing, searching, and retrieving Telcordia documents. Users can access documents from their desktops and view them using a web browser and Acrobat Reader.

    This license also includes:

    • 24x7 monitoring by Telcordia
    • Direct email feedback capability to AXESS Point Customer Service
    • Email notification of new and updated documents
    • Daily and monthly reports detailing document usage
    • More info: AXESS Point Service

    With an AXESS Point Service License you can add new documents to your AXESS Point collection at our lowest licensing terms.

    For more information on Telcordia document licensing agreements, contact Customer Service at +1 844.251.0201 or