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The complete collection of Telcordia technology documents

We offer discounts and free Telcordia Roadmaps to Technology, which provide overviews of documents covering specific telecommunications technologies. You can get a specific document's details by navigating to its Full Description page, which includes an Abstract and a link to the Table of Contents (located below the Abstract).

Network Equipment Building System (NEBS)

Optical Fiber and Equipment

Reliability and Quality

Central Office and Network Architectures and Services

Transmission, Transport, and Routing

Switching Systems, Signaling, and Interconnection

Operations, Maintenance, and Network Element Related Technologies

Next Generation, Wireless, and Home Networking

Document Sets

Telcordia Families of Documents (FDs) and Families of Requirements (FRs) are sets of related documents available at 15% or 30% off individual document prices. Click on the FD or FR to view its components and request a no-obligation Enterprise License Agreement quote. For a customized, discounted document package, please contact Customer Service.