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Telcordia Roadmaps to Technology

Telcordia Roadmaps to Technology are available free of charge and contain:

  • An extensive list of GRs and other documents published by Telcordia for each featured technology
  • Abstracts for the available documents related to the featured technology
  • An abridged Table of Contents for each document and an index of topics.
Download the Roadmaps as one file (ROADMAP-TO-GRDOCS, Telcordia Roadmap to Generic Requirements Technologies) or as individual files:

Telcordia Notes On Documents

The Telcordia Notes On... documents are a series of Special Reports (SRs) providing the Telcordia proposed view of general technical topics. These SRs provide a starting point for your search through the rapidly developing world of telecommunications. Each Telcordia Notes On... special report zeroes in on one technology and breaks it down into manageable terms.

Download the following SR-NOTES-SERIES documents free of charge: