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2018 Invitations for Participation (IFPs)

Participate in a Technical Forum and Influence the Future!

This page lists the 2018 invitations for industry participation. The GR participation process is open to all. The proposed GR projects announced on this site are not all-inclusive, as additional GR projects are anticipated to emerge. Please select How Industry Participation Can Benefit You for details.

Effective January 2012, Telcordia Technologies, Inc., became a part of Ericsson Inc. We will continue to provide vendor-neutral services to the industry, including Generic Requirements (GR) development services. The Telcordia name and logo will remain on all GR products and technical analysis reports. For GR development and other vendor-neutral services, we remain fully committed to the industry and will continue to operate in an independent manner.

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All interested parties are invited to participate in any GR projects that become available. If your company is interested, select a document number below for detailed information.

  • GR-3163, Generic Requirements for Metallic Telecommunications Service and Distribution Drop Wires
  • GR-3108, Generic Requirements for Network Equipment in the Outside Plant (OSP)

Please read the conditions to participate.

Why Participate in the Development of GRs? Here are a few reasons...

  • The GR development process facilitates cooperative and productive resolution of issues among participating companies by discussing such issues at a Technical Forum. This can result in a faster deployment plan than traditional standards development and also address areas not covered in the typical standards arena.
  • GRs provide a common solution by seeking to ensure standardized, vendor-neutral, uniform procedures in focused business areas, with detailed technical content addressing the technology needs of GR users. Your company's participation can ensure its business needs are appropriately addressed and represented in the final GR document.
  • GRs are network implementable, unmatched in their level of detail, and have worldwide acceptance. Initial input from your company can impact worldwide business procedures.
  • An additional, quantifiable advantage to participating in the development of a GR document is the Enterprise License (EL). Each participating company receives, as a provision of the contracted participation fee, an Enterprise License for the resulting GR document(s). With an EL, the document(s) can be made available to all of the participating-company employees.

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