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How Industry Participation Can Benefit You

GR Participation is Open to All

Industry-wide generic requirements from non-accredited organizations are established through processes that are open to funding and participation by all interested parties. Our engineers will manage and direct a project from conception to completion, with the input from funding participants as the main driver.

Benefits to Funding Participants

A company that participates in the development of a GR document will benefit in many ways. Participants will:

  • Influence the technical content of the GR through contributions, comments, and participation in the GR development meetings
  • Work with other industry leaders to discuss their business needs and the solutions to satisfy them
  • Gain a decision-making and voting role in resolving technical issues and any associated disputes related to the GR content
  • Impact worldwide business procedures and deployment strategies through their input
  • Gain earlier access to requirements information and trends as they evolve, and before general publication to the industry, which can improve time-to-market
  • Receive an Enterprise License for document deliverables

Benefits of Teaming with Us

  • We are the industry leader in producing cutting-edge GRs for telecommunications technologies
  • Competitors lack expertise in the development and management of intellectual-property documents
  • We maintain a leading role in developing telecom standards and requirements, with more than 550 GR documents
  • We have more than 25 years experience in analyzing telecom equipment
  • We have an excellent reputation with Suppliers, and a strong understanding of Service Providers' networks and operations needs
  • We assist clients in staying on top of the latest developments in their area of telecom expertise
  • GR documents are constantly evolving, and are designed and written to establish de facto standards for telecom equipment, systems, and services
  • GRs allow clients to continually review, analyze, and update their specific technical proficiencies
  • GRs provide options and detail the structure for immediate interoperability

You may review the Telcordia Technical Forum (TTF) Procedures to Develop Proposed Generic Requirements here. These procedures are an Attachment to the Generic Requirements Participation Agreement (GRPA).

Any general questions, suggestions, or comments about the GR process can be sent to: