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About Generic Requirements

Telcordia GRs are:

  • Timely, high-quality, vendor-neutral technical specifications that provide the Telcordia view of proposed generic criteria for telecommunications equipment, systems, or services
  • Considerate of factors such as interoperability, network integrity, funding-client expressed needs, and other inputs
  • Widely utilized, referenced, and accepted worldwide
  • Valuable to assist service providers in planning their networks and in purchasing equipment for interconnection within those networks
  • Valuable to assist suppliers in designing their products to meet the needs of their customers

GRs also provide customers with timely, high-quality solutions to address their needs in such areas as performance and quality of service, interface specifications, and equipment capabilities.

The Value and Role of Telcordia Generic Requirements

  • Telcordia invites all interested parties to participate in the ongoing evolution of generic requirements for the telecom industry.
  • Open standards such as Telcordia GRs benefit consumers, enterprises, service/network providers, equipment suppliers, and even countries by:
    • Promoting interoperability, interconnection, and innovation
    • Stimulating competition among service providers and suppliers by supporting interconnection in a multi-service provider/supplier environment
    • Assisting service providers in planning their networks and purchasing equipment for interconnections within those networks
    • Promoting revenue opportunities
    • Facilitating trade - regionally, nationally, and globally

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Review the Common Attribute and Distinguishing Attributes of Telcordia Generic Requirements and Standards.

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