Generic Requirements (GRs)

The Telcordia GR Development Process

Generic Requirements (GRs) provide the Telcordia view of proposed generic criteria for telecommunications equipment, systems, or services considering a wide variety of factors, including interoperability, network integrity, participating-client expressed needs, and other inputs.

Pursuant to provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TA96), regarding development of industry-wide generic requirements, Telcordia invites all interested parties to participate in its various GR development projects.

Effective January 2012, Telcordia Technologies, Inc., was acquired by Ericsson. Telcordia will continue to provide its vendor-neutral services to the industry, including Generic Requirements (GR) development services per TA96. The Telcordia name and logo will remain on all GR products and technical analysis reports. For GR development and other vendor-neutral services, Telcordia remains fully committed to the industry and will continue to operate in an independent manner.

Listings of Invitations for Participation by project status are available by clicking on the links below (all in PDF format):

Generic Requirements (GR) Offers

Telcordia reserves the right to withdraw from any open GR-development projects if Telcordia deems that there is insufficient industry interest or inadequate participation.

Any general questions, suggestions, or comments about the Telcordia GR process may be addressed to:

Patricia A. Fay, GR Process Manager
+ 1.732.699.8304