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GR-63 Heat Dissipation Calculator

Document Number GR-63-HEAT-CALCULATOR
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Apr 2018

    ABSTRACT: The Heat Dissipation Calculator is a tool to calculate the equipment rate of heat dissipation in accordance with GR-63, Issue 5, NEBSTM Requirements: Physical Protection, Section 5.1.6. The Heat Calculator is free to companies that have purchased a license for GR-63.

    For frame-level products, the rate of heat dissipated is divided by the associated floor area of the frame that includes the frame footprint, as well as contributions from the front and rear aisles. For shelf-level products, this value is further divided by the vertical space the shelf occupies in a framework.

    Product dimensions and power information are input in the white cells of the downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Outputs, including associated floor space and rate of heat dissipation per unit area, are calculated automatically and reported in the beige-colored cells. Independent worksheets are provided for both SI and Customary Units.

    For more information and details of the calculations, refer to GR-63, Issue 5, Section 5.1.6.

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