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Generic Requirements for Product Change Notices (PCNs)

Document Number GR-209
Issue Number 06
Issue Date Dec 2011
Replaces TA-OPT-000209 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: After telecommunications products have been generally available and/or in service for a period of time, it often becomes necessary for suppliers to introduce changes to those products. As a result of implementing these changes - regardless of who performs the actual work - the carriers are significantly impacted with respect to labor and resources, etc. Thus it is imperative that changes to these products are accurately reported and tracked through completion, according to the needs and requirements of the carriers.

    This document provides suppliers of telecommunications products with the GR-209 Forum's proposed view of generic requirements and procedures for initiating and administering Product Change Notices (PCNs) and associated reports. These PCNs and reports should be used by suppliers as the most effective means of exchanging product change information with customers.

    Issue 6 changes include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • The definition of firmware has been changed, and requirements for reporting firmware changes have been revised.
    • Software PCN field descriptions have been modified so they align with hardware PCN field descriptions.
    • An alternative method for a supplier to report software product change information to customers using Software Product Bulletins has been added.
    • The Class D designation for notifying customers that a software product has been manufacture discontinued has been added.
    • An explanation and reference for CSCANS has been added, and supplier usage of CSCANS for software change reporting has been clarified.
    • Major System Codes for Video and Router technologies have been added, and other Major System Codes have been added, changed, or retired.
    • Major System Affected, Subsystem Affected, and Attachment field descriptions have been updated, and guidelines for populating Hardware Affected, Firmware Affected, Software Affected, and Plug-in Affected fields have been added.
    • Requirements for CLEI Code changes when a manufacturer's company name is changed and when a manufacturer's product code is changed have been updated.
    • Objectives for information to be included in a Manufacture Discontinued (MD) PCN and the time frame for issuing an MD PCN have been added.
    • PCN electronic formatting recommendations for the pipe-delimited text in an email message have been added.
    Issue 6 of GR-209, Generic Requirements for Product Change Notices (PCNs), replaces Issue 5.

    GR-209 replaces TR-OPT-000209 and PUB-53305.

    When using GR-209, you may need to refer to GR-383, GR-454, and GR-485. You may also need to refer to GR-230 and GR-2924.

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