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Space Planning Documentation Requirements

Document Number GR-66
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Nov 2003
Replaces TR-EOP-000066 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-66 replaces TR-EOP-000066, Issue 1, February 1987, but contains NO TECHNICAL CHANGES from that original document. It has been issued strictly to conform with the new Telcordia Technologies document format and GR process, and carries a new issue number and date.

    Space planning information, essential for use by the equipment space planner, is incorporated by Telcordia into several types of planning aids: Network Equipment-Building System, NEBS(TM) Data (ND) Sheets, Equipment Space Planning Algorithms (ESPA), and Equipment Space Planning Guidelines (ESPG).

    This Technical Reference (TR) describes the kinds of space planning information that should be provided by vendors of equipment systems that are installed in central offices and other telephone buildings of the Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) and Interexchange Carriers (ICs).

    TR-EOP-000066 replaced TA-EOP-000066.

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