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SEAS(TM) - STP Gateway Function Interface Specification: User Program Layer (UPL) Application Message Descriptions and Functional Requirements

Document Number GR-778
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Nov 1994
Replaces TA-NWT-000778 Issue03

    ABSTRACT: This document presents the view of Telcordia on detailed specifications and functional requirements for the application-level messages that are required to support the mechanized system interface between the Signal Engineering Administrative System (SEAS) and the Signaling Transfer Point (STPs) of the Local Exchange Carrier's (LEC's) Common Channel Signaling (CCS) networks that have Gateway functions.

    Included in this document are specifications for syntax and semantics of individual interface commands and responses to support STP gateway memory administration, data collection, and on-occurrence event processes in the SEAS. Requirements are included that support GR-82, Signaling Transfer Point (STP) Generic Requirements and GR-1272, Gateway Signaling Transfer Point (GSTP) Local Message Screening Test Capability Generic Requirements.

    GR-778 replaced TA-NWT-000778 and TA-NWT-000778-SUP01.

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