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Telcordia Technologies Specification of Signalling System Number 7

Document Number GR-246
Issue Number 10
Issue Date Dec 2005
Replaces TR-NWT-000246 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TR-NWT-000246.

    Issue 10 of GR-246, Telcordia Technologies Specification of Signalling System Number 7, replaces Issue 9.

    GR-246 defines the procedures and protocol by which network elements in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) exchange
    information over a digital signaling network. This enables wireless and wireline call setup, routing, and control.

    This document:
    • Contains the fundamental specification of SS7, which is then used as a basis for other generic requirements documents for
      Common Channel Signaling (CCS) network elements

    • Is based on the latest ANSI T1 Standards agreements and is critical for vendor implementations and carrier deployment

    • Ensures that SS7 messages are transported without alteration and ensures interoperability, potentially saving millions

    • Lists all the signaling point codes assigned to network carriers

    GR-246 covers the following protocols:
    • Message Transfer Part (MTP)

    • Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP)

    • ISDN User Part (ISUP)

    • Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP)

    • Operation, Maintenance, and Administration Part (OMAP)

    Issue 10 of GR-246 includes important changes, such as:
    • Addition of a new section specifying interworking between the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the ISUP protocol

    • Updated signaling point code assignment guidelines to assign point codes for CCS network use by carrier

    • Updated signaling point code assignment list.

    When using GR-246, you may want to refer to GR-82, GR-317, GR-394, and/or GR-905..

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