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OTGR Section 11: Generic Operations Interfaces: Overview

Document Number TR-TSY-000481
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Jun 1990
Replaces TR-TSY-000062 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This Technical Reference (TR) contains an overview of the CCITT Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) Architecture, and consists of four modules: - Section 11.1. TR-TSY-000827, "Non-OSI Communications Architecture" - Section 11.2. GR-828-CORE, "OSI Communication Architecture" - Section 11.3. TR-TSY-000829, "Embedded Operations Channels" - Section 11.4. TR-TSY-000830, "Operations Interworking."

    Revision 1 updates the document to reflect the addition of Connectionless Network Layer Services (CLNS) and Connectionless Network Layer Protocol (CLNP) to TR-TSY-000828, Issue 1, Revision 1, March 1991.

    TR-TSY-000481 replaced TR-TSY-000062 and TA-TSY-000062. TR-TSY-000481 and GR-833 replaced CB-149.

    Revision 1 of this document is interfiled into the main issue.

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