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OSSGR Sections 2-5: Overview of Network Plan, Features, and Call Processing

Document Number GR-1143
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Mar 1998

    GR-1143, OSSGR Section 2-5: Overview of Network Plan, Features, and Call Processing, Issue 1, provides an overview of the
    operator services system's network plan, features, and call processing. It contains basic call processing requirements of the operator
    services system along with a description of its system architecture.

    This document gives a detailed description of the operator services network plan and system architecture. It also describes and
    indexes features and describes the basic call processing requirements of the operator services system.

    The operator services system is a call processing switching system for a telephone company. It provides capabilities for both fully
    automated operator services and operator-assisted operator services. These include automatic call distribution, recording of billing
    details, information retrieval, and call completion.

    The operator services system shall provide for the addition of new services and the future migration of selected services to or from
    other network elements, such as end offices. When implementing the operator services system, some end office modifications may be
    desirable, but none shall be mandatory. The system shall be compatible with current network arrangements.

    The operator services system is an access tandem switching system (see GR-540-CORE, LSSGR Tandem Supplement) with
    operator services capabilities. It shall be capable of serving only operator services traffic as a stand-alone operator services
    application. It shall also be capable of serving as a combined operator system and a LATA and/or access tandem serving both operator
    services and non-operator services (e.g., Direct Distance Dialing [DDD]) traffic in a combined application. Furthermore, it shall be
    capable of supporting a Universal Operator System (UOS) Concept, as well as dedicated applications, such as Directory Assistance.

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