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Voice Grade Switched Access Service With Tandem Signaling: Transmission Parameter Limits and Interface Combinations

Document Number GR-3334
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Nov 1994

    ABSTRACT: This Generic Requirement (GR) document describes Voice Grade Switched Access Services with Tandem Signaling (SAS/TS) offered by Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) to Tandem Switching Providers (TSPs). This GR covers proposed technical requirements, distinguishes service features, and defines valid interfaces.

    A customer requesting SAS/TS in a Local Access and Transport Area(LATA) must establish one or more points within the LATA for connection of its facilities with those of the LEC. The LEC wil provide SAS/TS from its IntraLATA network to the customer's Point of Termination (POT). A POT is a physical point where the SAS/TS terminates and is the division of responsibility between the LEC and the TSP.

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