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Transport Systems Generic Requirements (TSGR): Common Requirements

Document Number GR-499
Issue Number 04
Issue Date Nov 2009
Replaces TR-NWT-000499 Issue05

    ABSTRACT: Transport systems provide the means to transmit information between designated interfaces in a communications network. They consist of
    hardware, software, and media that combine, process, and transmit signals used to support telecommunications services. GR-499 describes
    the Telcordia view of the basic generic requirements common to transport systems.

    The value of GR-499, Issue 4:
    • One Key Resource - GR-499 serves as a repository for criteria covering a very broad range of topics of importance
      — significantly reducing the number of documents that need to be consulted when dealing with transport systems

    • Continuity and Consistency - GR-499 provides continuity and consistent terms for use by multiple designers,
      suppliers, and manufacturers

    • Network Compatibility and Economies of Scale - GR-499 helps ensure product and network compatibility, and promotes
      economies of scale for service providers

    • Aligns with ATIS and ITU specifications - The impedance/return loss criteria for DS1, DS1A, DS1C, DS2, DS3, and SS4NA
      electrical interfaces now align with the specifications in ATIS-0600403 and ITU-T Rec. G.703.

    Issue 4 of GR-499, Transport Systems Generic Requirements (TSGR),Common Requirements, replaces Issue 3. GR-499 replaced TR-NWT-000499,
    TR=TSY-000191, and TR-TSY-000009.

    When using GR-499, you may want to refer to GR-63, GR-78, GR-253, GR-320, GR-357, GR-418, GR-454,
    GR-468, GR-839, GR-1089, GR-1230, GR-1244, GR-1400 and GR-2914.

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