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ISDN Calling Number Identification Services for Primary Rate Interfaces

Document Number TR-NWT-001187
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Apr 1992
Replaces TA-NWT-001187 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Calling Number Identification Services for Primary Rate Interfaces (I-CNIS/PRIs) extends the
    Primary Access generic requirements in TR-NWT-001268, ISDN Primary Rate Interface Call Control Switching and Signaling Generic
    to services involving provision and delivery of Calling Party Numbers (CPNs) using D-Channel signaling. The basic
    requirements of TR-NWT-001268 for handling CPNs and Calling Party Subaddresses (CPS's) are repeated, and new capabilities that provide
    additional services are included. Examples of these new capabilities are: delivery of two CPNs, provision and delivery of Redirecting
    Numbers (RNs), and provision and delivery of Redirecting Subaddresses (RS's). I-CNIS/PRI extends the I-CNIS material in
    TR-TSY-000860, ISDN Calling Number identification Services, from Class 1 Basic Rate Interfaces (BRIs) to Class II Primary
    Rate Interfaces (PRIs). This Technical Reference (TR) presents the Telcordia view of generic requirements for ISDN I-CNIS/PRI.

    Revision 1 expands the I-CNIS/PRI requirements to support the Billing Number Selection Feature. This feature allows a User-Provided
    Not Screened (UPNS) number to be used as the Billing Number (BN) for a call. Specifically, the value UPNS Redirecting Number/Calling
    Party Number (RN/CPN) preferred as BN was added to the Billing Number Selection (BNS) parameter. The revision also updated the Data
    Dictionary for I-CNIS/PRI.

    Revision 2 expands the I-CNIS/PRI requirements to support a feature called "Delivery of User Provided Not Screened Calling Party
    Numbers (CPNs)," a new capability called "Number Privacy Override by Number Delivery Subscriber." The first feature allows the network
    to accept user-provided calling number information without screening it and deliver it to the called party with the designation
    "network provided." The second feature allows PRI Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to receive delivery of CPNs and RNs on incoming
    calls even though those CPNs/RNs are marked as "Presentation prohibited." The revision also provides additional clarification for the
    BNS feature and includes some minor revisions to the content of the TR.

    When using TR-NWT-001187, you may need to refer to TR-TSY-000860 and TR-NWT-001268. You may also need to refer to
    GR-31, GR-268, GR-301, GR-391, TR-NWT-000444, GR-478, GR-511, TR-TSY-000519 (canceled), GR-793,
    TR-TSY-000846, TR-TSY-000849, TR-TSY-000850, GR-853, TR-TSY-000861, GR-862, TR-NWT-001101,
    TR-NWT-001249, ITU-T E.164, and/or ITU-T X.121.

    TR-NWT-001187 replaces TA-NWT-001187.

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