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Information Model for SONET Digital Cross-Connect Systems (DCSS)

Document Number GR-2950
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Feb 1999

    ABSTRACT: This Generic Requirements (GR) document presents the Telcordia view of proposed generic requirements for the information model of the
    system management interface between Operations Systems (OS's) and Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Digital Cross-Connect Systems
    (DCS's), using the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) management services and protocols defined in ISO/IEC IS 9595 (Common Management
    Information Service Definition) and ISO/IEC IS 9596 (Common Management Information Protocol), respectively. The interface capabilities
    enabled by the information model proposed here are intended to support Fault Management, Configuration management and Performance
    Management for SONET DCS's as described by GR-2996, Generic Criteria for SONET Digital Cross-Connect Systems.

    The information model discussed in the GR is derived from the SONET information model described in GR-1042, Generic
    Requirements for Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools-Information Model Overview: Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Transport
    Information Model.

    When using GR-2950, you may need to refer to GR-2996. You may also want to refer to TR-NWT-000233, GR-253, GR-836,
    GR-836-IMD, GR-1031, GR-1042, GR-1042-IMD, GR-1114, GR-1230, GR-1400, and GR-2915; ITU- G.74, M.3100,
    Q.822, X.721, X.739, and X.744;
    ISO/IEC 10164, 10165-2, 10589, 10733, 10737, and 10742; and ANSI T1.119 and T1.247.

    This GR also includes one or more Issue List Reports (ILRs) that detail open or closed technical issues in the main document. The
    ILR(s) are automatically sent free of charge to the GR document purchaser.

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