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Generic Requirements for Embedded DC-To-DC Converters

Document Number TR-TSY-001003
Issue Number 01
Issue Date May 1990
Replaces TA-TSY-001003 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TA-TSY-001003.

    This Technical Reference (TR) states the Telcordia view of the generic requirements for telecommunications embedded DC-to-DC converters.

    The embedded DC-to-DC converter described by this TR is intended to provide energy for telecommunications equipment such as Stored Program Control switching Systems (SPCS's) and Integrated Services Digital Network/Intelligent Network (ISDN/IN) equipment distributed throughout the telecommunications networks. This includes equipment used in central offices or located in Electronic Equipment Enclosures (EEEs) (above or below ground) or any other confined locations.

    This document includes those converters in feeding a frame or shelf of equipment, but not the board-mounted converters.

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