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Central Office/Network Environment Installation and Detail Engineering Requirements and Services

Document Number FR-INSTALL-19
Issue Number 009
Issue Date Mar 2011


    This FR contains the Telcordia proposed view of generic requirements associated with the detail engineering, installation, and removal of telecommunications equipment in a Central Office (CO) and other Telco equipment environments. In addition, GR-2981 will assist the prospective engineering or installation service provider in preparing and documenting a comprehensive quality program. Hypertext links are included to allow users to easily move from document to document and from section to section.

    The FR contains the following documents: GR-1275 provides requirements for the installation of equipment in both traditional Central Office (CO) and emerging-technology equipment environments operated by Telecommunications Carriers (TCs). Such services might be associated with installing new or expanded equipment, as well as the removal of existing equipment. Emerging-technology equipment environments warrant installation quality requirements that are consistent with established practices, while facilitating the adoption of new technology.
    GR-1502 provides engineering requirements that Detail Engineering Service Providers (DESPs) are expected to provide with their services. Adherence to these requirements is necessary to help ensure that newly installed equipment operates in accordance with design parameters.

    Both Telcordia documents are industry-recognized, and reflect the latest developments from industry.

    GR-2981 identifies the basic elements of a Quality Program Analysis for suppliers of telecommunications engineering or installation services. Suppliers of these services are expected to have a quality program implemented and documented, and these QPA elements embody a means of analyzing its effectiveness.

    What's New in 2011?

    The latest changes include, but are not limited to:

    • The assignment of defect weightings to the requirements to assist Auditors and Quality Assurance Inspectors in a Central Office (CO) environment
    • New and revised requirements for safety, auxiliary framing, cabinets, cabling and wiring connecting
    • New material on equipment designations, power, and bonding and grounding
    • Updated information regarding equipment removal and cable mining, fiber optic, building requirements, and fire-stopping
    • A revised assessment of installers' skill levels, etc.
    • Further additions to harmonize criteria and figures throughout the GR-1275 and GR-1502 documents.

    Components of this product are:
    GR-1275"Central Office/Network Environment Equipment Installation/Removal Generic Requirements"
    GR-2981"Quality Program Analysis (QPA) for Telecommunications Engineering or Installation Suppliers"
    GR-1502"Central Office/Network Environment Detail Engineering Generic Requirements"

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