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Supplemental Service Control Point (SCP) Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-1241
Issue Number 07
Issue Date Dec 2006
Replaces TR-NWT-001241 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: Issue 7 of GR-1241, Supplemental Service Control Point (SCP) Generic Requirements, replaces Issue 6.

    GR-1241 provides support for the following features in a Service Control Point (SCP):
    • Process Outage

    • Load sharing of traffic based on 8-bit Signaling Link Selection (SLS) codes

    • Congestion Control

    • Message Transfer Part (MTP) Restart

    • Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP) Connectionless Segmentation and Reassembly

    • Cluster Routing and Management

    • Generalized Routing Procedures

    • MTP Routing Verification Test (MRVT) and SCCP Routing Verification Test (SRVT)

    • SCP Common Channel Signaling (CCS) Interface Reliability

    • Additional SCCP procedures.

    The information contained in this GR is meant as a supplement to GR-1280, GR-246, and TR-NWT-000029.

    This GR is intended to inform SCP developers, CCS Network Service Providers, and others about the Telcordia view of the above

    Issue 7 includes the addition of SCP functionality in an IMS environment, and incorporates the following:
    • A new Section 2.8, "MTP Service Indicator Fields."

    • Appendix I, "SCP Functionality in an IMS Environment.",

    • The current Telcordia GR format bringing this document into conformance with the latest Telcordia publications and formatting

    • Updates to the references and glossary sections.

    GR-1241 replaced TR-NWT-001241.

    When using GR-1241, you may need to refer to GR-246, GR-472, GR-478, GR-833, GR-1245, TR-NWT-000029,
    GR-82, GR-606, and/or GR-1280. You may also want to refer to GR-512, TR-NWT-001112, GR-1113, TR-NWT-001229,
    GR-2878, GR-3021, and/or certain ANSI T1standards.

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