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Central Office/Network Environment Equipment Installation/Removal Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-1275
Issue Number 12
Issue Date Dec 2010
Replaces TR-NWT-001275 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: GR-1275 provides a broad coverage of the generic requirements associated with the support that Installation Suppliers or their
    sub-contractors are expected to provide with their products, features, or services. These services might be associated with the
    installation of new or expanded equipment, and the removal of existing equipment.

    GR-1275 addresses the installation and removal of equipment in "both" traditional Central Office (CO) and emerging-technology
    equipment environments operated by Telecommunications Carriers (TCs). These equipment environments warrant installation quality
    requirements that are consistent with established practices, while facilitating the adoption of new technology. For over 15 years, the
    Engineering and Installation Technical Advisory Group's (EI/TAG's) proven set of GR-1275 requirements has been a valued industry

    In addition to an extensive review of the document, the most significant change in Issue 12 is the assignment of defect weightings
    to the requirements. These defect weightings are designed to assist Auditors and Quality Assurance Inspectors who perform inspections
    and assessments of the Installation Supplier's completed work in a Central Office (CO) environment. Weightings dictate the time
    allowed for corrective action. Critical weightings require immediate action.

    This reissue also includes:
    • New and revised requirements in the areas of safety, auxiliary framing, cabinets, cabling and wiring, connecting, equipment
      designations, power, bonding and grounding, equipment removal and cable mining, fiber optic, building requirements, fire-stopping, and
      assessment of Installers' skill levels, etc.

    • New and revised criteria, tables, and figures

    • Further harmonization with its companion document, GR-1502-CORE, Central Office/Network Environment Detail Engineering
      Generic Requirements

    GR-1275 should be used in conjunction with GR-1502 for equipment installation and detail engineering. Buy FR-INSTALL-19 and
    receive both GRs, plus GR-2981, Quality Program Analysis (QPA) for Telecommunications Engineering or Installation
    , at 30% off the total price.

    Issue 12 of GR-1275, Central Office/Network Environment Equipment Installation/Removal Generic Requirements, replaces Issue

    When using GR-1275, you may want to refer to GR-63, GR-151, TR-NWT-000154, GR-232, GR-295, GR-326,
    GR-356, GR-409, GR-765, GR-840, GR-1502, GR-2930, GR-2981, as well as the National Electrical Code,
    Underwriters Laboratories Standards, and OSHA standards.

    This document replaces TA-NWT-001275 and TR-NWT-0001275.

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