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Terminal Initialization for ISDN Packet-Mode Data Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-1406
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jan 1994
Replaces TA-NWT-001406 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TA-NWT-001406, Issue 1, July 1993.

    This Generic Requirements (GR) document provides network planners, switch suppliers, and terminal suppliers with generic switch requirements to support initializing packet-mode data terminals. This document extends the initialization protocols and procedures defined for circuit-mode terminals in TR-TSY-000847, ISDN Features - Common Switching and Signaling Generic Requirements, to include packet-mode terminals.

    The following Telcordia documents are also required when implementing the proposed requirements in GR-1406: TR-TSY-000847, Issue 1 plus Supplement 1; TR-TSY-000859, Issue 1 plus Supplement 1; TR-TSY-000860, Issue 1 plus Supplements; and TR-TSY-000861, Issue 1 plus Supplement 1.

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