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Broadband Switching System SS7 Generic Requirements

Document Number GR-1417
Issue Number 05
Issue Date Dec 1999

    ABSTRACT: Issue 5 of GR-1417, Broadband Switching System SS7 Generic Requirements replaces Issue 4, November 1998.

    GR-1417 provides the Telcordia view of generic requirements for the use of the Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) protocol for signaling
    between Broadband Switching Systems (BSSs) to support Switched Virtual Connections (SVCs). Specifically, this document describes
    procedures for using the Broadband ISDN User Part (BISUP) of SS7 to establish and release ATM switched virtual connections. This
    document represents current views based, in part, on existing and evolving standards related to B-ISDN. This document is also aligned
    with the ATM Forum Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface (B-ICI) Specification, Version 2.0 and Addendum thereto. This document, wherever
    possible, points to specific requirements already listed in other Telcordia requirements documents.

    The generic requirements given in this document cover switch functions and the messages, procedures, and parameters applicable to an
    interswitch interface that, in the view of Telcordia, are necessary to provide B-ISDN services across multiple BSSs. Included are
    procedures to support calls involving switched virtual connections between BSSs, including calls between client company networks and
    other Interconnecting Networks (ICNs). These ICNs include Interexchange Carriers (IXCs), International Carriers (INCs), and other Local
    Exchange Carriers (LECs), including Independent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs). The procedures relate to B-ISDN point-to-point and
    point-to-multipoint single-connection basic calls. No supplementary services procedures are described. This document also provides
    requirements for supporting 64 kbit/s-based narrowband ISDN circuit-mode services and interworking with narrowband networks using ISUP.
    This document provides requirements for BISUP signaling using a quasi-associated CCS network, as well as requirements for BISUP
    signaling directly over ATM transport in the CCS associated mode. In addition, this document provides high level requirements related
    to interworking with private networks.

    Issue 5 of GR-1417 includes major changes in Sections 7, 8, 9, Appendixes A, B, C, D and H. For more detailed information regarding
    these changes, refer to Section 1.5.

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