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Generic Requirements for ESD-Protective Floor Coverings

Document Number GR-1424
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Feb 1995

    ABSTRACT: Walking on the floor can cause electrostatic charging of personnel. The simple act of lifting the foot from the floor results in the
    accumulation of electrostatic charge on personnel, their clothing, and whatever they are carrying. This phenomenon is referred to as
    "Triboelectric charging" and can be minimized by treating and controlling the surface properties of the floor by incorporating into the
    manufacture of the floor, statically dissipative materials.

    This document defines the Telcordia view of minimum requirements for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protective floors or floor
    coverings used to control the electrostatic charging of personnel while walking when using heel straps or conductive ESD shoes. The
    document defines the minimum generic electrostatic, mechanical, chemical, and environmental requirements for static dissipative floors
    and the adhesives used to bond floor covering to the sub-floor.

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