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OTGR Section 6.5: Network Maintenance: Access and Testing - Automatic Board-To-Board Testing (ABBT) and DLC Cutover Testing

Document Number GR-1465
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1995
Replaces TR-NWT-001465 Issue01

    ABSTRACT: This document replaces TR-NWT-001465.

    This document identifies the view of Telcordia on generic technical requirements and objectives for Automatic Board-to-Board Testing (ABBT) and Cutovers of Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) systems on Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines. ABBT is performed prior to the transfer of a number of existing analog lines from one switching system to another, and uses the capabilities of the new system to perform these tests with minimal manual effort and disturbance to customer lines.

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