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LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting (FSD 01-01-1110)

Document Number GR-219
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Apr 2002
Replaces TR-TSY-000219 Issue02

    ABSTRACT: Issue 2 of GR-219, LSSGR: CLASS Feature: Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting (FSD 01-01-1110), replaces Issue 1 and TR-TSY-000219.

    Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting (DRCW), a CLASS Feature, is an incoming call management feature that allows the customer to designate special telephone numbers that may be identified using distinctive alerting treatment.

    GR-219 defines the Telcordia view of generic requirements for DRCW for residential and small business (non-Centrex) customers. Issue 2 adds Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) data generation requirements that are consistent with the Billing AMA Format (BAF) documented in the latest version of GR-1100. In addition, a requirement has been added in support of AMA generation for Screening List Editing (SLE) daily continuation records.

    When using GR-219, you may need to refer to GR-220, and GR-1100. You may also want to refer to GR-30. GR-246, and/or GR-317.

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