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Generic Requirements for Vented Lead-Acid Batteries

Document Number GR-232
Issue Number 02
Issue Date Aug 2014
Replaces TR-EOP-000232 Issue01

    GR-232 provides the Telcordia view of general descriptions and requirements for various types of lead-sulfuric acid, enclosed-jar
    type storage cells (pure lead and lead alloy) of 180 ampere-hours capacity and larger.

    Lead-sulfuric acid, enclosed-jar type storage cells, with pasted-plate lead/lead-alloy grid elements, are intended for essentially
    continuous float operation over the lifetime of the battery in battery strings containing six or more cells. The battery strings are
    required to be available for infrequent discharges of durations ranging from a few minutes to several hours. The discharges will
    generally be followed by recharge at constant voltage and then by more continuous float operation.

    Issue 2 includes:

    • Safety documentation requirements and language to align with the Global Harmonized Standard (GHS) formats and regulations

    • Information regarding additional battery safety documentation, which will assist end users with fire-fighting measures and chemical
      safety issues and reporting

    • Requirements requesting definitive information on battery electrolyte properties at mixtures and concentrations specific to the
      batteries under review

    • Recommended information on ohmic testing parameters

    • Revised references to other Telcordia documents that were published after GR-232, Issue 1 (e.g., GR-63, Issue 4).

    GR-232 replaces TR-EOP-000232.

    When using GR-232, you may need to refer to GR-63.

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