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Generic Requirements for a Universal Network-to-Server Access Method (UNAM)

Document Number GR-2804
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jan 1994

    ABSTRACT: This document presents the view of Telcordia on Universal Network-to-server Access Method (UNAM) generic protocol requirements. When implemented, UNAM is intended to help promote the network servers and hosts.

    Today's Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) packet network (including ISDN packet) provides facilities for connecting a variety of user terminals and devices to computers on the network in an efficient, flexible, and reliable manner. However, enhancements to the basic network are required to provide the service features expected by today's customers. The UNAM is a signaling protocol between the packet network and an adjunct processor (network server) that provides improved access control and security, access to such services as multicasting and virtual private data networks, and certain customer network management functions.

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