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    11Generic Requirements

    Generic Requirements

    GR-283 Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI)Feb 2002
    GR-2830 Primary Reference Sources: Generic RequirementsDec 1995
    GR-2831 Generic Requirements for ISDN Anonymous Call RejectionMar 1994
    GR-2832 Generic Requirements for Walk-In CabinetsDec 1994
    GR-2833 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools: Information Model for Integrated Digital Loop Carrier and Fiber in the Loop SystemsDec 1996
    GR-2834 Generic Requirements for Basic Electrical, Mechanical & Environmental Criteria for Outside Plant EquipmentSep 1995
    GR-2835 Generic Operations Interfaces Using OSI Tools - Information Model for WACS RPCUSep 1995
    GR-2836 Generic Requirements for Assuring Corrosion Resistance of Telecommunication Equipment in Outside PlantDec 1994
    GR-2837 ATM Virtual Path Ring Functionality in SONET - Generic CriteriaFeb 1998
    GR-2838 Generic Requirements for GetDataDec 2008
    GR-2839 Generic Requirements for ISDN Enhancements to X.25 User Testing CapabilitiesDec 1994