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Generic Requirements for Assuring Corrosion Resistance of Telecommunication Equipment in Outside Plant

Document Number GR-2836
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Dec 1994

    ABSTRACT: This document presents the view of Telcordia on generic criteria for assuring corrosion resistance so that equipment performs reliably
    in a service provider's outside plant network environment. It places, in a single reference document, the criteria needed to help
    avoid or defer corrosion that is caused by exposure to the effects of temperature, humidity, electrical power, and contaminants.

    Generic requirements documents describing specific types of equipment may specify one or more of the tests and criteria contained
    herein. In general, it is not intended that all requirements of this document be applied to all equipment.

    This document covers corrosion resistance criteria for electronic equipment, such as terminals, regenerators, multiplexers, surge
    protectors and maintenance devices if such equipment is operated in outside plant enclosures with uncontrolled temperature and humidity
    or on a customer's premises. It also includes enclosures for such equipment where their seals or coatings are intended for protection
    of equipment, or where painted surfaces must endure for aesthetic reasons. Corrosion resistance criteria for outdoor apparatus, such
    as bonding clamps and support hardware, and for cables are also included.

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