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    10Generic Requirements

    Generic Requirements

    GR-284 Reliability and Quality Switching Systems Generic Requirements (RQSSGR)Sep 2003
    GR-2840 Generic Requirements for Environmental Stressing Applied to Telecommunications ProductsJun 1995
    GR-2841 Generic Requirements for Operations Systems Platform ReliabilityJun 1994
    GR-2842 ATM Service Access Multiplexer Generic RequirementsNov 1996
    GR-2843 Generic Requirements for Compressed Digital Video Test Sets (DVTS)Dec 1995
    GR-2844 Billing Measurements for Voice and FAX MessagingOct 1994
    GR-2845 Generic Requirements for the ATM Network and Element Management LayersJun 1994
    GR-2846 Generic Requirements for Coaxial Distribution ConnectorsDec 1994
    GR-2847 Generic Requirements for Cable Penetration Seal Assembly for CEVS and ManholesSep 1994
    GR-2848 Broadband Multi-Services User-Network Interface Generic RequirementsJun 1994