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Generic Requirements for Operations Systems Platform Reliability

Document Number GR-2841
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Jun 1994

    ABSTRACT: The role of Operations System (OS) functionality is rapidly transitioning from supporting background administrative, engineering,
    provisioning, and maintenance processes to supporting essentially real-time customer service provisioning, control, and network
    reconfiguration/recovery. The network's increased dependence on the OSs has focused attention on the need for their reliability.

    To ensure the reliability of OSs, an overall reliability assurance program that covers the entire life cycle of an OS needs to be
    established. Developing reliability requirements is the first step towards realizing such an assurance program.

    This document defines the Telcordia view of generic requirements for the reliability of the OS platform, which includes the hardware
    and computer operating system software.

    When using GR-2841, you may need to refer to SR-332, GR-284, and/or SR-TSY-001171. You may also want to refer to
    GR-63, TR-NWT-000179, and/or GR-1089.

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