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Generic Requirements for ISDN Smart Attendant Service

Document Number GR-2917
Issue Number 01
Issue Date Sep 1996

    ABSTRACT: This Generic Requirements (GR) document contains the view of Telcordia on the switch requirements for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Smart Attendant Service (ISAS). ISAS is a set of ISDN voice features intended for inbound call management applications. ISAS provides users switch-based ISDN alternatives to capabilities that are presently only available from large complex attendant consoles, key systems, hybrids, and Private Branch Exchanges (PBX's). It is based on existing ISDN features such as Flexible Calling and Basic Business Group. It may use existing features such as Call Park, Call Pickup, Multiline Hunt Group, and Electronic Key Telephone Service.

    The following additional features are proposed for ISAS:

    • Attendant Timed Reminder and Recall
    • Night Service
    • Camp-on
    • Serial Calling
    • Busy Lamp Field
    • Queuing and Daily-Announcement.

    • This GR also includes one or more Issue List Reports (ILRs) that details open or closed technical issues in the main document. The ILR(s) are automatically sent free of charge to the GR document purchaser.

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